Thursday, March 23, 2023

4 Side Hustles To Make $900 Per Day From Your Phone

Please read my comment on the 4 Side Hustles To Make $900 Per Day From Your Phone below the video.

I belong to the International Professional Writers and Editors Association out of NY. Part of my degree is in communications (marketing) and I can write in many different styles.

I have written for a lot of websites including my own, and have a couple books published.

I have been listed on Fivver along with a few other writing gig sites as a content writer since 2012. I have never gotten any jobs from them, and very few from any other gig sites. The jobs I have gotten paid very little, like a penny or less per word. It's hard to compete with people in other countries because they can do the work really cheap.

I will say that I have not been on there in a few years to check, but I'm sure it has not changed much. He is right about how easy it is to write descriptions, it's pretty much "copy and paste" optimized with keywords. The real money is in graphics, videos, and voice-overs, but it's still not life changing money given the competition from some very talented people that can live off a fraction of what you need to make.

The guy he is talking about either knows someone, or it's a lie to get attention. I have a couple websites and blogs (8 all together in different niches), plus a YT channel w/over a 100 videos. I have not even gotten enough views or subs to get monetized and like I said, I started in 2012-13. I am not saying this guy is lying, it's possible to make that kind of money, and I am sure he will tell you how in his course. There is a lot to it, but I have come to the conclusion that one must have a certain amount of talent outside of the time, money, and knowledge it takes to create a successful YT channel. I do not want to be a Negative Nel because you can do it. Just realize that some things come easier for others no matter how hard you work.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Tucker: The White House wants us to shut up about this

Joe Biden cancels the the 1964 Civil Rights Act by executive fiat. In 1964, Congress passed Public Law 88-352 (78 Stat. 241). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Provisions of this civil rights act forbade discrimination on the basis of sex, as well as, race in hiring, promoting, and firing. Strait white men need not apply!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Succeed in Network Marketing or MLM

Discover How to Succeed in Network Marketing or MLM Online With the Latest in Marketing Techniques TODAY!!

Thinking about joining a Network Marketing Business? 

Already in a Networking Marketing business? 

Does it seem that only people succeeding are the leaders?

Are you ready to finally start succeeding, and making a full-time income from your business and be a Network Marketing Superstar?

Fact is that most people (over 90%) are either not making any money, or are at a loss in the Network Marketing business.

There are 2 reasons for this. They either just don't know where to begin, or fear is stopping them. After all, Network Marketing is a sales  and marketing business.

Why am I Failing in my Network Marketing MLM Business?

Your leaders are there to help you, and they are succeeding by using proven techniques to recruiting and managing their team, but let's face it, what works for them may not be right for you.

It is important for you to be clear as to why you got into the Networking Marketing business to start with.

Making a list of reasons, and actually writing them down will help you create a clear and concise objective on how to succeed in Network Marketing or MLM, this will help you to help others.

  1. The freedom to work when and where you want?
  2. Spend more time with the family with the ability to turn business meetings into family outings?
  3. Building a long term residual income?

Can you think of any more reasons? Jot them down, and have them memorized to present to your next client.

How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Success in Network Marketing begins with improving your knowledge on the subject of Marketing. It can take months, even years to learn such a skill.

I spent years and several thousands of dollars in college to learn Marketing. Network Marketing involves selling, but most importantly, networking. That's the honest truth.

Have no fear, help is here with a written a guide to get you started, and actually succeed in the Network Marketing or MLM business.

Allow me to introduce to you...

Network Marketing Superstar

Here's what you'll discover in this guide:

  • Why do so many businesses use the Network Marketing business model?
  • The 4 types of Network Marketing structures you must know for success
  • How to find the right networking marketing business for you, and the 8 signs to a great program
  • 10 steps on how to present and sell your products for ultimate success
  • Techniques for effective follow up with your prospects.
  • 10 proven ways to build your team, and find new prospects
  • How to recruit like a professional, and even outsell your upline
  • How to help your new recruits get started
...and much, much, more, 
for only $3.95!!

    Amazon Price $4.99

    Get a jump on the competition, and start making sales TODAY!! with 

    Network Marketing Superstar!!!

    Download is instant, no upsells

    Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    What is Link Baiting, How to get Backlinks

    What is Link Baiting, and How to get Backlinks?

    No matter what experience level you have, if you are a web marketing expert, or novice, then one of the most important things for you is how to get backlinks.

    The center of S.E.O is link building, making links as valuable as gold to internet-based marketers. The issue is that not all links are the same. If they did not differ, then you might just get links from directories, and then everything would be O.K. 

    It's much better to get links right from blogs and sites that are operational. Naturally, getting that to occur relies upon your capability to create content that may also operate as "link bait.” We will be having a look at how it's possible for you to improve the effect of your link bait content in this "how to get backlinks" post.

    Often, you want a small boost to get your work spotted on the internet. If you use social media, you can link to what you publish to get some interest. You shouldn't send your feeds out to a lot of people. This is going to be thought of as spam and harm your reputation. 

    Send out one tweet as quickly as you hit publish and put up one link on Facebook. Then, after a while if you think what you have written might be particularly relevant to specific people, let them know. From there let your work catch on in its own time and at its own speed. Rather than needing to hear additional info, they may not need to hear from you again. 

    Your articles should be very enjoyable and delightful to read. You definitely want to avoid boring people to death and becoming a cure for their insomnia! Even an instructive article that is to the point can become a delightful read. 

    That could be hard for a small number of you to do, but you could have a readership that is a bit more boring. Perhaps they take themselves seriously, but each audience has its own jokes and rhythms that tune into those readers, and you can use them in your writing. 

    You would like people to feel the need to comment about the great article or post you wrote and link to it. They are most likely to do this if what you have written was delightful for them to read. 

    The next thing you must understand is that feeling passion on something doesn't imply you must ramble, stay on topic, or you will lose the reader.

    You've got to make content that reaches the point, this is what web readers love, and the reason why they skim. When you write something short, folks will be more certain to link to it. 

    Anytime you have got to talk at length about a selected subject, break it into a series for readers, and create straight forward pieces of information.

    You can have something quick and to the point for your readers, to say everything about the topic that you want to a win-win scenario.

    In short, you want to create great content that people will enjoy, and also get value from reading. I have listed here a few tips that will not only increase your readership, but will boost your search rankings.
    1. Create valuable interesting content
    2. Create headlines that will draw the reader in
    3. Do not overuse social media, and remember to reciprocate likes and shares
    4. Make sure you have proper SEO, so your article can be found by the search engines
    5. Do not make the article too long, and focus on the topic
    6. Post and update on a regular basis

    What is Link Baiting, How to get Backlinks Conclusion

    Building trust within your reader base is crucial, you will want to create a following, and keep your audience engaged. Comments are huge, and probably the single most important in how to get backlinks, and do not forget that it also works both ways.

    I am offering my content creation services at an outsourcing rate. Please leave your question or comment below, and I do allow links to be posted as long as it is not spam.

    I would love to hear from you.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    How to Network or Social Network

    Networking is a very important aspect of any business venture, doing it right is extremely important. How to network or social network explores the elements to perfect for success.

    I came accross a video from a guy name Daniel Jay I met on G+ (his video is below).

    He talks about how important it is to network, but also some common mistakes he made that I am sure most reading this can relate to.

    Below the video are my thoughts on networking and the real mathematical formula for success.

    Daniel is right, most biz ops have tried true, and tested marketing systems in place, utilizing those systems is the "smart" thing to do. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, make the wheel that is there work for you.

    I have always taken business seriously, and I do not have a lot of "regular job" history. I have always worked for myself. At 50, I can say it has been a ride.  I have made it, and I have failed, but I am still here to talk about.

    The crash of 2008? I lost everything, ended up living in a tent in the woods for two years. The Bankers that created that mess? They got bailed out.

    I’m thankful I was single and only had to worry about me. Now I am living the dream in the Philippines with my beautiful wife, and I get no assistance.
    Maribeth Baith
    My wife, Maribeth

    Daniel is absolutely right in what he says about focusing on presenting the business, but not trying to sell the business, that is why they call it networking. You must build relationships, and you do that by building trust.

    How do you build trust? By letting people be them, let them figure it out. If they are with you, they will be with you, if not, then they have their own agenda, and good luck to them.

    I talk about the Law of Attraction not networking in the previous comment I made. The law of Attraction actually has 7 elements, if you do not apply all 7 elements, then it does not add up mathematically.

    If something does not add up mathematically, then it cannot be true. If it cannot be “true”, then it cannot sustain, and it will fail.

    The “Law of Attraction” or the “Secret” is an element of Universal Law, not the whole law. No one can succeed in anything by only applying part of the solution. 

    You can write down your goals, recite them every day, and wish to your heart’s content, but you will never realize the objective unless you apply the mathematical formula outlined in the Codex of Money.

    Get Your Copy Today,
    and Start Seeing Success Tomarrow!!
    Everything in life from our genetic make-up, to the galaxies in the universe has a mathematical formula, and application of this formula is a great portion of why some people to have all the luck. 

    The universe and everything in it needs these formulas in order to exist. This is true for creating anything we have or do. Any mathematician will tell you that if it does not add up, then it cannot be true.

    The Codex of Money is a quantitative mathematical formula for success and increase, it is a formula that dates back to the ancient times, but it is NOT a “secret.”

    Diversify your portfolio with an automated income stream

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    In Profit Already for March 2016 Forex/ 61 Thousands in Forex

    The beginning of the month and we are in profit already for March 2016 with the Thousands in Forex Best Forex Strategy.

    I am the only one with this easy, affordable strategy. get profitable in Forex with the Best Forex Strategy.

    The Only No-Loss Forex System. It is the only Forex strategy that can guarantee virtually no losses in Forex, I prove this to be true within the Best Forex Strategy course, and with the Thousands in Forex Video series. If you can prove me wrong, I will give you a refund.

    What do you get with the Best Forex Strategy?

    • 10 tutorial videos
    • An instructional PDF (short, to the point, and easy to read)
    • Access to password protected pages on the Best Forex Strategy Blog. These pages are where I will be posting updates and advice for Best Forex Strategy members.
    • No monthly subscription fees, lifetime access. Save your money for trading, don't spend it learning to trade.
    • Free copy of the Codex of Money (it explains the mathematical formula for gains)
    Check out the Free Best Forex Strategy website now, and discover how I ended up in profit already for March 2016 with Forex.

    No matter how you look at it, or add it up, the bottom line is the dollar amount. This is all part of my money making strategy. One must have a firm system in place.

    I discuss all this in my Codex of Money EBook. Discover how I went from homeless and living in the woods, to living my dream life here in the Philippines in less than 5 years. I have documented proof.

    The Codex of money is a short easy to read manual for increase. It is NOT the Law of Attraction. You can read about it on my blog, no sign-up required.

    In this video I demonstrate how to make money in Forex. You can profit in Forex and I prove it with these Thousands in Forex videos.

    I do not charge even a small fortune to teach you how to make money in Forex.

    Visit the Codex of Money blog here

    How to Make Money in Forex

    In this video I demonstrate how to make money in Forex. You can profit in Forex and I prove it with these Thousands in Forex videos. Visit my blog at

    I do not charge even a small fortune to teach you how to make money in Forex.

    Forex carries a high amount of risk, this risk is assumed by the user. Do not invest any more than you can afford to lose.

    Please see Video # 24 "Pips, Points, and Confusion, What is the Bottom Line? It is about     profit, not pips.

    I say, gain less pips with more profit, only a fool would try to gain a lot of pips with a little profit.

    Go here now to discover my methods, no sign-up requierd.

    Friday, February 19, 2016

    $200 Cash Hack Scam Product Review

    $200 Cash Hack Scam Review
    The $200 Cash Hack Scam review is for a product that is really the same old re-hashed crap information that you can find free.

    I also found that this program is nothing more than the same program that was launched several times with a different name and different look.

    It was suppose to have a "secret" traffic getting source that enables you to make good profits with little effort, NOT.

    Watch the video, and I do show the member's area. I am hoping now that they will actually return my 7 bucks I wasted. there is no way to get back the time I wasted.

    I am updating this post, and yes, they did give me a refund.

    You can read the full 200Cash Hack Scam/Review on my Basictech-News Scam Buster site.

    If you want to learn internet marketing, you are in the right place. most of my information is free, and there are even video tutorials right here on this blog, and they are free to watch.

    You do not need to sign up, just enjoy!!

    Monday, February 15, 2016

    In Profit Forex Video 58

    How to Make Money in Forex

    In this video I demonstrate how to make money in Forex. You can profit in Forex and I prove it with these Thousands in Forex videos. 

    I do not charge even a small fortune to teach you how to make money in Forex. These videos show how to get lots of pips in Forex trading. Watch me make thousands of dollars per week in real Forex trading.

    I prove that it is possible to make thousands of dollars in pips in days with Forex
    Trade for profit, not pips; visit the free blog at 

    Gain profits, not Pips with the Best Forex Strategy. No one else has this winning Forex system. I see Forex in totally different way, and take an “unheard of” approach to trading Forex.

    Part of the strategy is included in the Codex of Money; receive a free copy with the Best Forex Strategy system

    Forex carries a high amount of risk, this risk is assumed by the user. Do not invest any more than you can afford to lose.

    Please see Video # 24 "Pips, Points, and Confusion, What is the Bottom Line?" for how I read these charts.

    Monday, February 8, 2016

    Make Money Today

    This is NOT the Law of Attraction
    Are you are looking to make money today? I know you are not looking to spend money, and if you had money to spend, you would not be looking for ways to make money, 

    It is a fact of life that it takes money to make money, even if it is just the cost of transportation to get to work, but I am here to help you achieve your goal without spending a fortune.

    What if I told you there was a way for you to make cash money today in your pocket without investing more than 10 bucks? Would you call me a liar, or would you say “show me how?"

    What The Codex of Money is NOT.

    I am NOT trying to sell you any get rich quick scheme. I am not selling or promoting any business opportunity. It is a formula for success practiced everyday by the wealthy.

    This is NOT an internet marketing program or MLM that will cost you lots of time and money before you see any results. I have been an internet marketer for several years now, and anyone that claims they are making thousands of dollars with little to no effort is either trying to scam you, or just flat out lying.

    It is NOT Surveys or trial offers; these are legalized scams in my book.

    It is NOT Sell your valuables on eBay or drop shipping. Wanna get scammed, try that. Don’t sell anything of real value on EBay.

    It is NOT some speak wealth into the universe crap, “believe it and achieve it” believe all you want, but without action nothing will happen.

    Longer term strategies are included, but you are looking to make money today.
    Here is where the $10.00 investment comes in. The program that explains how to do this cost $7.49. I wrote it to help people, but I also have time and money invested in it. After all, I am a businessman, and I have expenses. 

    Is the Codex Easy to Read?

    This eBook is short, to the point and very easy to read (less than 45 pages). The Codex of Money explains how to start making some cash right away, and how to expand your money making capabilities.

    The other few dollars will be invested in material, give or take a buck or so, but that is up to you. You can reinvest once you have made some money. The most important asset you will need is time.
    Remember; I said you will make cash money in your pocket the very same day you start. Looking for a catch? There is one little catch to this.

    YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!! in order to Make Money Today!!

    This is not hard, but sitting on your ass waiting for the money fairy to come will not cut it. In all my years of working online I find it simply amazing how many people out there want something for nothing. They are unwilling to take action, but want to reap the rewards. 

    If you want to make money today, you must take action!!

    Sunday, January 31, 2016

    Top 5 Truths About Making Money Online

    This is a scam website!!

    Making money online is a career option that thousands of people are looking into these days due to our current economic situation. Here are the top 5 truths about making money online.

    It’s important for anyone that wants to make money on the internet to have the truth about how to do it effectively.

    1) The first truth you must understand is that in order to create a successful online business you must be willing to work hard. As with any business, you must work hard, learn, and grow. Anyone that tells you it is easy is flat out lying to you. Sorry, there is no “3 clicks to success” software. It is one of the biggest myths out there. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort it takes, this is probably not for you.

    2) The second truth about making money online, and the good news, once you know how and get it going, it is like having a money machine. At that point it is just a matter of maintaining it and growing your business. they call it "scaling up", and outsourcing some of the work can be beneficial.

    3) The third truth to know is that you need to know the business and how to use the computer. Here’s another myth, “if you can send an email, you can make money online”. Please don’t fall for that one.
    The technical skill set required for internet marketing really depends on what you want to do and how you are able to do it. If you have plenty of money, you can always outsource the work. If you are on a limited budget, you might need to learn a few things.

    4) Truth number four. You know what you enjoy, so select a business that will be one you also enjoy. The more you enjoy building an income with your business the easier it will be and the faster you will achieve your goal. Here is the one I enjoy, and it is free.

    5) Your fifth truth to know is that the number one thing you have to have to any business on the web that you begin is website visitors, also referred to as website traffic. The visitors to your site are the people that will spend their money if you have a shop site. You can also earn money on advertising if you have enough traffic.

    The most effective way for attracting visitors to any online business website is to advertise your business as much as you possibly can. Do marketing every day to increase the traffic you get to your site each day and this with time is going to increase your business income.

    Make sure to begin with one advertising technique and work on utilizing it correctly until you have it building traffic for you every day. Then add another technique and eventually you will have a good marketing system in place for easily getting all the traffic your business will ever require.

    Now that you have had the truth revealed to you about how to earn money online at home, you need to take the next step to get your own business started today. Just be sure you remember and utilize the truth's that you have learned here so you really have a great chance at achieving success with whatever web business you start.

    Make Money Now

    If you are reading this, then I assume you are wanting to get started right away, and make money now.

    Do you need leads?

    The main thing is to TAKE ACTION!! Tomorrow will be here soon enough, work today on what you want for tomorrow. Invest your time and money in yourself, and take advantage of the massive resource you have at your fingertips to make money now.

    Take advantage of the IM Basics blog and all the free information available to make money now.

    Friday, January 29, 2016

    More Profit in Forex 2016

    Make Money in Forex

    In this video I demonstrate how to make money in Forex. You can profit in Forex and I prove it with these Thousands in Forex videos.

    I do not charge even a small fortune to teach you how to make money in Forex.

    These videos show how to get lots of pips in Forex trading.
    Watch me make thousands of dollars per week in real Forex trading
    I prove that it is possible to make thousands of dollars in pips in days with Forex
    Watch me make thousands of dollars in pips per week in Forex trading

    Forex carries a high amount of risk, this risk is assumed by the user. Do not invest any more than you can afford to lose.

    Please see Video # 24 "Pips, Points, and Confusion, What is the Bottom Line?" for how I read these charts, and make money in Forex.
    Visit the Codex of Money blog here

    Monday, January 18, 2016

    Watch me Profit in Forex

    This is not exactly about internet marketing, but there are other ways to make money online. Forex is one of those ways. You can watch me apply ONE best Forex strategy to gain consistant profits in Forex.

    Forex carries a high amount of risk, this risk is assumed by the user. Do not invest any more than you can afford to lose. Increase you odds of winning in Forex by using just one strategy.

    Visit my new blog at

    Dont forget to pick up your copy of the Codex of Money

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    Comment Spam

    I have several websites and blogs. recently I have been recieving alot of comment spam.

    Do these people not know that this no longer works? In the past one could leave a comment with a link to thier website or blog. This was an effective way to get your links out there, but it got abused.

    Too many people were just spamming comments with generic text to get a link to thier website or blog posted. A good number of these people were scammers, but there were many, and stilll are amature internet marketers applying this old comment spam tactic.

    When commenting on a post, it is a good idea to make sure that the comment is relevent to the post content. Then there is the fact that a lot of blogs and webstes do not allow links to be posted. even if they are allowed, rel=nofollow is most likely to be implemented.

    Then there are people like me that moderate thier comments. I do allow links to be posted as long as the link is relevant, and the comment is not spammy. It must have good relevant content. I have had some that were just blatent attemps to gert a backlink.

    For instance; this blog is about Internet Marketing, posting a comment that reads like this "hi, love your blog, please visit my site at louivitton.con", really? That is just plain stupid.

    So if you are into comment spam, or paying someone to do it for you, you are just wasting your time, money and efforts. It can also get you penalized by the search enjines if you are consdistanly getting marked as spam.

    Here is a little advice, do not comment spam blogs, especially not mine. Thank you

    codex of money

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    Quantitative Money Making Formula

    The Codex of Money A Quantitative Money Making Formula

    The Money Codex is a quantitative money making formula based on mathematics and universal law. It works off of a basic concept derived from marketing 101, using a mathematical formula that when applied correctly cannot help but make you money.

    Is this the quantitative money making formulasecret to internet riches? 

    No; this formula is over a hundred years old, but with everybody trying to re-invent the wheel, and technology today, and it has been forgotten time. That is to everyone but the wealthy that apply it every day. 

    It can also be applied in many other areas of your life, getting a good job, finding love, finding the perfect home, just to name a few. Just reading this material on the quantitative money making formula can change your life through the theory of cognitive learning.

    Marketing is a science that has progressed over the last century or more. The more technologically advanced we become, the more scientifically sophisticated marketing becomes. This is great for the large corporations, but for the little guy just trying to make money, real money, it has little use; unless he/she has the means to apply these sophisticated strategies.

    Getting back to the basics is fundamental for the everyday person or small business owner. If you apply the basics first, this can provide you with the means for a more advanced strategy. This is where the Codex of Money comes in. You will learn the basic quantitative money making formula strategy to grow your business, or whatever it is you are accomplish.

    If you want to make real money, then the Codex of Money is for you. Increase your life with the Codex formula

    I am not going to get into some rags to riches story, but I went broke in 2008 after the housing bubble burst. I was in the Home Improvement Business and lost everything, even my truck. I was homeless, but I did not give up. I applied this strategy, but I did not cognitively realize it at the time. 

    After 3 years I had pulled myself out of that situation and am now living my dream life with the woman of my dreams in the Philippines. I must also give glory to God for making me realize this quantitative money making formula. No matter what you believe, always give thanks.

    This is all verifiable, just Google Randy Baith or Basictech Information Services.

    I do not talk about my homelessness, but you can see where I am today. If you want proof of my homelessness, I will gladly send it to you. Have a blessed day.

    Codex of Money

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013

    How Can I Make Money Online?

    Make Money Online Free

    I am changing the format of this IM Basics blog just a bit. This front page will not longer be static, I am changing it to a post page to make money online. The date says July 2013, that is when I created this post page, but today is actually June, 07, 2015

    This will be were I post all the current money making ventures with IM Basics. my business is not limited to just internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

    You Can Make Money Online

    My best advise for making money online is to diversify. What I mean by that is to have several things going at once. This will take you some time, but it will pay off in the long run.

    Start with one thing, focus and get it done. Alot of people start by trying this thing, then when they don't see immediate results, they move on to the next shiny object that will make them rich. If you are doing that, STOP, you are wasting time and money.

    Choose one thing to focus on, then move to the next. If you want to try affiliate marketing, then you are in the right place to start. This blog has a lot of free resources and information for you to take advantage of to make money online. 

    Advice on Internet and Affiliate Marketing

    My advice to is to take your time, and study the material I have here. It will help you make an informed decision about if internet marketing is for you. I make no bones about the work it takes, and this blog is a free online business course. 

    All the hype about affiliate marketing and online business being the easy way to a life of luxury is just bullshit to get you to buy a product. There is a lot involved with internet, or affiliate marketing. 

    Bottom line, there are two ways to succeed in internet marketing and make money online. You can start blogging about products and hope that your SEO efforts pay off, or you can spend a lot of money on advertising. Implimenting both strategies is how the successful people do it.

    It is almost imperative that you do it this way, because Google, in an attempt to make searches more user friendly and relevant, have made it difficult on the little guy just trying to make a buck.

    Here's the irony of it, scammers and spammers have forced Googles hand on this issue, but it seems that they are still given the upper hand. The old black hat, or even gray hat tricks that Google has tried to eliminate are alive and well, while the honest person suffers and struggles.

    Making Money Online Without Getting Scammed

    Along with this blog, and several others, I created a scam buster website, (Basictech-News). I have a degree in Private Investigation, and I use that knowlege and skill to expose scams.

    Scam is a word that has lost it's value because of the scammers. There are far too many people that are claiming one thing to be a scam while trying to promote thier own scammy product.

    Another trick is to use scam busting as a way to drive traffic to thier site so they can get advertising and CPA money. Ethan Vanderbuilt does just that. He has reported many legitamite businesses as scams, when in fact they are legitamite legal business oppoirtunities. In reality, Ethan Vanderbuilt wouldn't qualify as a hall monitor.

    Be wary of these scammers, and if you have any doubts, just leave your question in the comments, and I will answer it.

    How to Make Money Online

    One of the biggest questions I get is how to make money online. I think people that are searching for the internet lifestyle are sadly misguided. making money offline is just as, if not more lucrative. 

    People are missing out on a huge opportunity by concentrating all thier efforts on making money online.

    I wrote an ebook, it is called The Codex of Money. I explain all of this, and how I make money in this book. It is not some wishes to riches, self improvement ebook. It is the science, based on mathematics to increase. This applies to all areas of life.

    Don't worry, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand, and apply the principals. I failed Algebra three times, but I know how to count money.

    The Codex of Money is not expensive, it is short and to the point. plus it is easy to read and understand. It can be read in less than an hour. There are also plenty of ideas and resources for you to take advantage of.
    Post edited 1/17/16
    Codex of Money

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