Internet Marketing Scams


   I am writing this page as I find scams. Helping expose the scams is in my opinion part of making sure you are successful at making money online. If you know of a scam not listed here, please let me know about it in the comments for this blog. Be sure to read the article at the bottom of this page on how to spot a scam. I have also included some video content.

 Do you think email processing is a scam? Click here to find out and post your thoughts.

Before I get into the Internet Marketing Scams, there is one thing I would like to talk about first, that is Binary Options.


Binary Options are simply a gamble on a stock, currency, or commodity. If you have not heard of this, please check out this YouTube video. This guy explains it very well and gives you all the details. Please pay close attention, he tells you how they suck you in with demo accounts and bonuses. Then when you are confident, they zap your money.



 The video below describes the scam products out the that will zap your money.



 Free Trial Offers

Some other things to look out for are not exactly scams, but are in my book pretty unscrupulous. What i am talking about are trial programs. I personally tried this, and lost money.

Programs like ZNZ, Project Payday and others. They vary in how they operate, but are basically the same. They promote the program as "free", but in order to participate you must "qualify" by signing up for trial offers. Then you must get others to sign up for trial offers as you did.

Here's the problem with this;

  1. Signing up for offers. Some require you to keep signing up for offers on a regular basis. You must keep track of these and cancel at the right time or you will be charged a subscription fee. it is automatically deducted from your credit or debit card. This is were I lost money. Have you ever tried to cancel a "free" subscription? It is a real hassle and some charge you a cancellation fee. 

  2. Now they have your information. These people make big money off of you. They use your information to bombard you with offers through email, snail mail, and telemarketing. They can also sell your information to other marketing groups.

  3. Here is another important problem with these programs. You must get traffic to your site. No traffic, no conversions, no money. If you are new to Internet Marketing this is not an easy task. They come with training, but if you are just starting out, this training will not do you much good. It is the same methods they are teaching all your competition. Need I say more?


  4. Here is a list of other scams to look out for;

  1.  This one actually borderlines scam. If you are new to IM, this is probably not for you. Basically what you are getting is an optimized sales page and landing page.

  2.  Avoid this one like the plague!!!! I bought this one and it is total crap by Paul Ponna. It is an automated article submitter. Not only did it not work, but the program is no longer up. I had to un-install it from my computer. It had a money back guarantee, but by the time I figured out it was not working it was too late.

  3. Please do not fall for the hype. Remember I said there is no 3 clicks to success. I cannot definitively say this is a scam because I did not buy the program, but I did the research and I would steer clear of this one. Update, I believe this one has been taken down. The videos below describe the latest "Push Button Millions" scams out there.

    Here are a couple of videos describing these scams



    Spotting Scams

     Unfortunately scams are part of the Internet. We must be careful and constantly vidualent in order not to become a victim of these predators

These people are on my top ten list of things in this world I despise. In my opinion they are worse than someone on the street that robs you at gun point. They are nameless, faceless cowards. With that said, here are a few tips to help you not become a victim.

Trust no one, even friends and family. Why you ask? Because your friends and family may be a scam victim themselves and just do not know it yet. Now they are inadvertently getting you involved.

Just because you heard about it on the radio or TV does not mean it is legit. I personally got taken this way when I first started out. I bought a program off of an infomercial and by the time I figured out it was worthless, it was too late to get my money back. That's assuming I really could get my money back.

Here is an example of one of those products. Although this is not exactly a scam, it is misleading and borders on advertising fraud it is actually Herbal Life. Once they have your information, they will bug the crap out of you to spend a small fortune.

When directed to a webpage of something you may be interested in, click the links within the site. If these links do not re-direct you to where they are suppose to go, this is a big red flag. Click on several tabs, if they redirect you to the same website, it's not good.

Be sure to click on the facebook, twitter ect. If the link does connect you, keep this in mind, just because someone on facebook is recommending it doesn’t mean it's good. Scammers use facebook too. If you click the links and they take you nowhere, this is a double big red flag.

Advertising, remember; scammers advertise too. I talked about radio and TV, but watch out for adsense and other advertising means. Anybody can pay for advertising, scammers also. Companies that sell advertising space often do not check the source of the advertising.

Do your research, Google it; check it out on YouTube and forums. Please keep in mind, there are those who will discredit others to sell you on their product or service. Do not just take one persons or sites word for it. You cannot do too much research.

You can also go to my Scam Buster Website and check out MLM and Network Marketing Scams along with some legal programs and other scams.





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