Basic Blog Creation

Basic Blog Creation Videos

The video below is about setting up your blog. It has some great information on basic blog creation what to do and not to do.

Note; these videos are a bit dated, but the basic information is the same.

Keywords matter. The lessons here also apply to any websites you might build. Blogger has changed its look since these videos were made, but the navigation and content is the same. If you have any trouble, please feel free to leave a comment, I will answer you.



This is important, Google has really cracked down on duplicate content and plagiarism. If you must use content from another site, be sure to cite it clearly with a link included. I do not recommend article spinners unless you are good enough to edit the article that has been spun. The search engines can detect spun content. 

Use Small SEO Tools to check your content.

Here's a good writing tip that is very important to basic blog creation. Read the article and make notes of important information. Then just write the article as if you were talking to someone about that topic. Just be natural and do not be afraid to search for more information on that topic. After you are done, have someone proofread it. It helps to use something with auto correct such as Microsoft Word.

Get your 160 wordpress video tutorial series

This video talks about back-links and the importance of them. Mistakes you do not want to make.

This next video is a part 2

Part  3, forum posting

This is a basic video about finding a product on clickbank. I made this video to practice making computer screen videos. I do not recommend Clickbank if you are new to Internet Marketing. They have some rules that are designed to steal your money. I say that because they use a security issue excuse that can be easily remedied. Please read and understand thier terms before selling anything from Clickbank, there is nothing more irritating and disappointing than getting a notice that you made a sale and cannot collect the commission.

Basic blog creation is the first step to making an online presence. Don't worry about all the little fancy details, the most important thing is to get started. The sooner you get started, the faster you can rank, because the age of your domain or blog has a lot to do with getting noticed by the search engines. Don't forget that you must create valuable content on a consistant basis.

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