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First trick; if you plan to get web hosting, which if you are serious about making money online, is a must. I recommend you use Hostgator for your domain name and hosting. 

Yes you can get cheap domain names, but trust me on this; the 2 or 3 dollars that you might save will not be worth the headache, and the money you save? Well they will get it in the end, been there, and made that mistake already. I explain this more in detail within the IM Basics blog.

Do you have what it takes to become an online entrepreneur?

There is a short 1 question quiz further on down this page that will tell you immediately if you have what it takes.

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Again; all the information in the IM Basics blog is free, but every marketer needs tools. You cannot do anything in life without the proper tools. 

Anything you find on this site that is free or for sale is 100% quality according to my high standards (I hate crappy stuff).

I DO NOT promote anything that I have not tried, tested, use, or have used.

You will find that most of my material is affordably priced and the majority of it (free or otherwise) comes with MMR. This means you the right to re-sell or give away these products. Even the things I give to you free, you can sell, so I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, that is were these FREE MMR products will be distributed.

Whatever you decide to do, take your time. Here's a couple good good tips to start with;

1. Start with something you know or are passionate about. It will make things a lot easier. There are plenty of products and services for just about any niche that you can promote. (Note; the internet marketing niche is highly competitive, I do not recommend it for beginners)
2. You must take your time and be careful not to get information overload. If you follow the IM Basics blog, you are off to a good start. I wish I had a blog like this one to follow when I first started. That is exactly why I created it. I tried to put the pages here in order, but yo will definately want to start out with the introduction to internet marketing page. This is were you will learn the truth and if it is for you or not.
3. Be willing to put in the hard work. There is no easy way here. It involves a lot of time and learning. "Three clicks to millions" does not exist, don't be a sucker. If you are not willing to put in the work, you might as well quit now.
Here's the good news; done right, your profit potential is huge. You can create a great living for yourself and your family. It also does not take a lot of money to get started. You can actually get started with just a computer and internet connection. Time is more important than money when you are just starting out.
I am putting the quiz I spoke of earlier right here. Do you have what it takes?
Did you read to this point, or just scroll down to find it?
If you actually read this far, congratulations! you are an action taker that realizes the value of self-discipline and study. Having the patience to actually read something of value for yourself is a virtue.
If you just scrolled down to find the quiz, you are possibly an instant gratification type person. You want instant results. This is not necessarily a bad thing, you would probably do well as a manager somewhere, (managers want things done now).
Remember; we are talking about  entrepreneur attributes and this is not the end all. Maybe you would have normally read down the page, but for some reason did not this time. Just be honest with yourself, you will be a lot happier in life.

This Video Talks about Entrepreneurship

Read more about what it takes to be an online success

 This blog mostly centers around Affiliate Marketing. 

 The video below is the first DYI video in the series, Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

Ewin Chia is one of the biggest names in Affiliate Marketing, he is the creator of this video series. Click the link, he has lots of free stuff. That link will take you to a download to a free HTML editor (web page creator). I have been following Ewin for years.

One of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing especially from a blog is posting. Blogs are an excellent way to get started without spending money on a website or domain. Setting up a blog is a really good first step. Be sure to check out our IM Basics video tutorial section for setting up your own blog. 


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