Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Network or Social Network

Networking is a very important aspect of any business venture, doing it right is extremely important. How to network or social network explores the elements to perfect for success.

I came accross a video from a guy name Daniel Jay I met on G+ (his video is below).

He talks about how important it is to network, but also some common mistakes he made that I am sure most reading this can relate to.

Below the video are my thoughts on networking and the real mathematical formula for success.

Daniel is right, most biz ops have tried true, and tested marketing systems in place, utilizing those systems is the "smart" thing to do. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, make the wheel that is there work for you.

I have always taken business seriously, and I do not have a lot of "regular job" history. I have always worked for myself. At 50, I can say it has been a ride.  I have made it, and I have failed, but I am still here to talk about.

The crash of 2008? I lost everything, ended up living in a tent in the woods for two years. The Bankers that created that mess? They got bailed out.

I’m thankful I was single and only had to worry about me. Now I am living the dream in the Philippines with my beautiful wife, and I get no assistance.
Maribeth Baith
My wife, Maribeth

Daniel is absolutely right in what he says about focusing on presenting the business, but not trying to sell the business, that is why they call it networking. You must build relationships, and you do that by building trust.

How do you build trust? By letting people be them, let them figure it out. If they are with you, they will be with you, if not, then they have their own agenda, and good luck to them.

I talk about the Law of Attraction not networking in the previous comment I made. The law of Attraction actually has 7 elements, if you do not apply all 7 elements, then it does not add up mathematically.

If something does not add up mathematically, then it cannot be true. If it cannot be “true”, then it cannot sustain, and it will fail.

The “Law of Attraction” or the “Secret” is an element of Universal Law, not the whole law. No one can succeed in anything by only applying part of the solution. 

You can write down your goals, recite them every day, and wish to your heart’s content, but you will never realize the objective unless you apply the mathematical formula outlined in the Codex of Money.

Get Your Copy Today,
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Everything in life from our genetic make-up, to the galaxies in the universe has a mathematical formula, and application of this formula is a great portion of why some people to have all the luck. 

The universe and everything in it needs these formulas in order to exist. This is true for creating anything we have or do. Any mathematician will tell you that if it does not add up, then it cannot be true.

The Codex of Money is a quantitative mathematical formula for success and increase, it is a formula that dates back to the ancient times, but it is NOT a “secret.”

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